Work Injuries

Whether you’re looking to make the right hiring decision, helping an injured employee return to work, or seeking to create a safe, injury-free work environment, Pivot is your solution. Focused on the treatment and prevention of work-related injury, our Industrial Services team partners with you to promote a culture of safety. We tailor our services to meet your needs.

Physical Therapy

We provide industry leading Workers’ Compensation rehabilitation.

Why Choose Pivot?

  • Immediate access to quality care. Schedule an initial appointment in 48 Hours or less.
  • Advanced Work Rehabilitation services provided by specialized clinicians.
  • Access to our dedicated referral line for workers compensation to ensure an efficient and seamless experience.
  • Workers Compensation Case Coordinators in every region to provide exceptional case management, communication, and collaborative return to work programs.
  • Access to experienced Medical Directors to facilitate provider, carrier, and employer collaboration and to achieve complex case resolution and optimal outcomes
    • Lawrence Goren, MD
    • Brian Shinkle, DO
  • Industry leading peer review program.

Advanced Work Rehabilitation

Unexpected injuries in the workplace can bring on a wave of negative feelings – including fear of the unknown, pressure to return to work in a timely manner, and financial stress. Our providers understand the unique considerations workplace injuries and provide high value, comprehensive specialty services and support.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

The Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a global or occupation specific assessment of a client’s functional abilities. Pivot providers benefit from a comprehensive training, mentorship and credentialing program to produce high quality functional capacity evaluations and reports.

FCE Services:

  • Return to Work Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Vocational Placement Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Integrated Cognitive Physical Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Disability Medical Source Statements

Impairment Ratings

Our certified clinicians perform Impairment Rating work-ups which provide objective functional data and significantly reduce the time the attending physician needs to complete an evaluation.

Work Conditioning & Work Hardening

Our Work Conditioning/Work Hardening programs can facilitate a safe transition from work-restricted status to full return to duty following an injury. We take the guesswork out of the return to work process for case managers, employers and physicians. Our programs achieve exemplary outcomes with high stakeholder communication standards, job specificity, and function oriented approach.

Work Injury Prevention

Functional Job Analysis

Employers benefit from having detailed functional job descriptions for the workplace. Clearly defined physical and cognitive requirements of work provides a framework for effective new hire placement, employee performance assessment, and safe efficient return to work following absence from duty. Pivot’s Functional Job Analysis Program provides employers with detailed job-specific information.

  • Critical data for the development of accurate and comprehensive functional job descriptions.
  • Onsite full work cycle observation with utilization of objective measurements and video analytics.
  • Job specific documentation, including essential and marginal job functions, environmental factors, equipment, and physical demands of work.

Post-Offer Employment Test/Physical Abilities Test

Post Offer Employment Testing and Physical Ability Testing ensure safe completion of physical job demands required by the essential job functions.

  • Onsite or in-clinic testing of required job abilities.
  • Accurate identification of qualified individuals with consideration for reasonable accommodation.
  • Supports management of employee safety through reduction of work related injury costs and promotes workplace productivity.

Work Risk Analysis

Provides employers with critical information and meaningful insight into appropriate job design and behavioral modification to improve workplace safety.

  • Comprehensive onsite testing of risk factors including work design, environmental factors, physical demands, and employee behavior.
  • Identification of corrective recommendations to improve workplace safety.
  • Increase job related productivity and reduce work injury costs.


Our expert work injury prevention team can provide multiple resources and trainings to ensure a safe and productive work force.

  • Onsite or remote intervention, instruction, and education to address a variety of employer needs.
  • Reduce work related injuries through an individualized, multi-faceted program.
  • Effectively position employees for peak physical work-related performance.

Specialty Services

Driver Rehabilitation Program (Available in Delaware)

Our Driver Rehabilitation Program, provided by a team of specialists, allows for comprehensive testing and safe return to conventional or adaptive driving. Our program interfaces with the department of motor vehicle and mobility dealers to provide safe and legal return to driving, with or without a need for specialized equipment.

  • Extensive in-clinic testing to ensure adequate driving ability including physical function, vision, cognition, and reaction time testing.
  • Behind-the-wheel road assessment in our adaptive vehicle to ensure safe driving and parking competencies.
  • Recommendations for preferred driving times, conditions, and equipment.
  • Individualized driver training sessions with recommended vehicle modifications.

ADA Consulting

Through consultation, Pivot offers work reintegration and reasonable accommodation support provided by our team of trained providers.

  • Guidance for employer requirements under Title I Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Structure and development of employer medical examination programs for compliance under the Title I ADA.
  • Test administration and adverse impact assessment support.
  • Reasonable accommodation request support, including facilities accessibility, job restructuring, equipment modification, and provision of qualified personnel.
  • Guidance for undue hardship as well as prompt and equitable resolution of complaints and inquiries.