Cassidy W.

Membership Coordinator

Throughout high school Cassidy was involved in dance, gymnastics, bowling, track and field, soccer, softball, basketball and cross country. In 2017 Cassidy completed her first half marathon.

She has always to help people but wasn’t sure how she wanted to go do that. When she joined our Pivot team in 2021, she found her purpose. She is looking forward to continuing to learn, grow, and become a personal trainer. Cassidy bought her first house at 19 and in her free time loves doing house projects and enjoying the great outdoors. She loves to hike, kayak, camp and even skydive! When Cassidy isn’t doing those things, she is enjoying napping with her 2 cats! You will see Cass right at the front door with a smile and can put you on the right track for what works best for you!