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Throughout June, we are happy to celebrate Men’s Health Month and encourage men of all ages to take control of their health by implementing healthy choices. Why is this so important to us? We all have men in our lives that we care about and the health statistics specific to men are staggering. According to […]

COMMON HAND INJURIES Sprains Sprains most often occur when you fall and try to catch yourself with your hand. Sprains can be mild and heal quickly on their own or severe and require medical attention. You can sprain several different parts of your hand, including your wrist, thumb, or fingers. Bone Injuries There are 27 […]

DID YOU KNOW? Lymphedema may develop when there is damage to the lymphatic system or disruption in lymphatic fluid. Lymph fluid drains into the soft tissues, which causes swelling. This can happen anywhere in the body, but it’s most common in the arms and legs. Cancer surgeries, radiation treatments and other medical conditions increase the […]