Winter is Coming: Tips to Stay Fit (and Fight Off Injury)

There’s no avoiding it: Winter is coming.

But if Jon Snow can help you with fight off White Walkers, he can’t necessarily help you fight off injuries — and find the best ways to stay fit during the cold months. We’d like to help. Here are some top tips collected from across the web.


  • “Be sure to warm up inside before a workout to get blood flowing to the muscles. Cold and stiff muscles are more prone to injury. Consider jumping jacks, a jog on the treadmill or cycling.”
  • “Find a workout buddy during the winter season. Having a partner is great for accountability and even for a little friendly competition.”
  • “Post progress pictures on social media or join an online fitness group where you’ll find people with like-minded goals ready and willing to offer encouragement.”

From The Express (UK):

  • “If you really can’t face exercising in the rain or cold temperatures, try switching outdoor pursuits for indoor classes.”
  • “Whatever you choose to do, make it part of your morning routine if possible. Tempting though it is to stay in bed a few minutes longer while it’s still dark outside, you’ll feel more energised throughout the day and you will definitely have earned the right to curl up on the sofa in the evening.”

From Women’s Health Magazine: “TAKE UP A WINTER SPORT: Just because you can’t play beach volleyball right now doesn’t mean you can’t get sporty in the winter. Try snowboarding or skiing (the downhill or the cross-country variety).”

Women’s Health Magazine also offers these tips should you love running and just can’t stop for winter:

  • “Follow the 15-Degree Rule: Avoid extreme temperatures like the plague. Not only are they harder on the body, but they diminish the quality of your run because you’re straining cold muscles… A good rule of thumb: Anything under 15 degrees Fahrenheit is grounds to stay indoors.”
  • “Seek a Solid Path: When you attempt to run on ice [your form can change and other issues can develop]. Instead, look for something plowed, salted, and ice-free. Can’t seem to avoid the white stuff?… Just remember to focus on your footing.”

Adds “Move more. University of South Carolina researchers discovered that men who got in 3 hours a day of moderate activity (the equivalent of walking briskly, climbing stairs, or playing tennis) were 35% less likely to catch a cold, compared with those who did only 1 hour.”