Fri. September 15, 2017

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Why You Should See a Physical Therapist Every Year

“Why is it that superbly fit athletes can find themselves in as much back, knee, or neck pain as their flabby fans, who sit at desks all day long then watch sports from overstuffed sofas?,” St. Louis Magazine asks.

Warns Dr. Shirley Sahrmann: “When you do an activity over and over again, your body adapts to that activity. If you play tennis, your arm gets bigger on that side; if you do karate you get adaptations in your hip and leg. Even if you just sit, you lean, you slump, your neck goes forward.” Either your body fails to build up musculature to support itself, or it overbuilds certain muscles and throws off the symmetry your skeleton craves.”

“That’s why Sahrmann wants to see an annual physical therapy exam become as routine as a dental checkup… People think of p.t. as something generic their doctor orders after an injury, she says. But by analyzing the way you walk, bend, sit, and carry yourself, physical therapists can prevent injuries and head off future surgeries and chronic pain.”

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