Tue. June 20, 2017

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What Should You Do After Physical Therapy?

Aaron Shaw: “Sooner or later most of us will find ourselves in physical therapy to address some type of injury or medical condition. After a successful rehabilitation process it’s time to move on and get back to the gym, yoga studio or boot camp. Finding a personal trainer who can continue to guide you through proper exercise technique and movement is key to avoiding re-injury.”

“Physical therapists (PTs) are experts in the examination, diagnosis and treatment of physical impairment and functional limitations. Acting as gatekeepers, PTs often work with clients up until they are fully released from medical care. Diminishing health insurance benefits among patients have led to earlier discharges from hospitals and therapy clinics. Patients are left with additional work to be done but a lack of information and direction. Finding the right personal trainer can help bridge that gap.”

“Personal trainers use an individualized approach to assess, educate and train clients on their health and fitness needs. Personal trainers are experts in movement and exercise selection to improve fitness. They can help you answer many of the questions that come up when exercising after injury: How hard should I push myself? Am I pushing hard enough? Are these aches and pains a normal part of exercise or do they indicate an old injury flaring up? Trainers are not able to diagnose or treat injuries, but they can be vital to the prevention of injury while returning to exercise. A personal trainer can also reach out to their network of physical therapists to discuss symptoms that might indicate recurrence of a prior injury.”