Fri. July 14, 2017

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Is Your Wallet Causing Your Back Problems?

Men’s Health reports that one cause for back ailments might be your wallet. And it’s not a money question.

An overstuffed wallet “could put stress on your hip joint and lower back, says Stuart McGill, Ph.D., professor of spine biomechanics at the University of Waterloo.”

The post continues: “The problem starts when your sciatic nerve, which is right behind your hip joint, gets pinched between the wallet and your hip itself, and can sometimes be diagnosed as sciatica. It causes pain that starts from your hip, but can send aches all the way down your leg.”

AOL notes that one way to “minimize stress on the body and alleviate pain is to remove your wallet from your pants entirely when sitting or driving. He continues that you should also consider switching to a money clip or slimmer wallet that only holds the essentials to avoid trouble from your back in the future.