Tue. November 10, 2015

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Screening Is Essential for Sports Injury Management

“Testing is not the same as assessing. Screening is essential for sports injury management and risk assessment in athletes of all ages,” according to Dave Gerbarg.

“The Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) was first introduced by Gray Cook, one of the godfathers of functional training, in his book, Movement, in 2010… The SFMA incorporates many movement pattern tests regularly utilized by physical therapists. The tool provides structure to assessment, while requiring the observational skills and critical thinking of physical therapists… Developmental pattern, motor learning, and neuromuscular principles apply to both assessment and intervention. The goals of intervention are correct asymmetries to reduce pain, improve functional mobility, guide strength and mobility interventions, and improve athletic performance.”

“Movement dysfunction is common. Work and lifestyle factors in today’s sedentary culture have caused an increase in postural and movement dysfunctions. Many of these issues go unidentified and untreated, leading to injury when participating in athletics… Early identification of movement dysfunctions or the respective risk factors is critical to athlete development.”