Safe Exercise if You Are Over 50

Let’s face it! A 50-60 year old body is not the same as the body of a 20 year old. 

Cardio/aerobic exercise will get your heart rate up, build endurance and burn calories. Walking, dancing, biking and swimming are great options for cardiovascular exercise. 

Strength training keeps your muscles tuned up, protects your joints and builds stronger bones. You can incorporate strength training into your everyday activities by carrying your groceries or shoveling while gardening. You can also perform strength training without any equipment – push-ups, squats, heel raises and climbing stairs are all excellent examples.

Flexibility exercises will help you stay limber so you can avoid injury. Yoga is a great option for the over 50 crowd. Not only will yoga improve your flexibility, but the practice will also build strength and balance.  

Balance training will help you avoid falls and stay active. Tai Chi is known to improve balance as you flow through positions slowly. Added benefits include arthritis pain relief, bone and heart health, and it may even help you sleep better.