Wed. September 28, 2016

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PT: Top 5 Fastest Growing Occupation That Requires Secondary Education

The University Herald reports that “A report from the National Bureau of Statistics shows that 11 out of the 15 fast-growing occupations require a postsecondary education. These occupations have seen so much growth since 2014 and are projected to grow even more until 2024. Here are the top five based on its usefulness, employment rate, and possible growth. These jobs do not really require a four-year degree.”

“The third fastest job is occupied by physical therapy assistants. Although they look similar than OTAs, their job responsibilities are very different. Whereas an occupational therapy assistant uses the patient’s daily activities as part of the treatment, the physical therapy assistant focuses on using exercises, such as lifting weights and stretching to treat a patient.”

“If someone wants to become a physical therapy assistant, they need to have a CAPTE-accredited two-year associate degree program and pass a licensure or certification exam. The growth rate in this field is 40.6 percent with an annual median wage of $54,410.”