Fri. August 19, 2016

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Physical Therapy ‘Crucial’ to Sports Injury Recovery

South University provides interesting insights into why physical therapy is “crucial to sports injury recovery.”

The post states: “Injuries are common while participating in organized sports, competitions, training exercises, or fitness activities.”

“Poor training methods, inadequate warm-up, and lack of conditioning are a few of the causes of sports injuries.”

says Apostolos Theophilou, DPT, clinical coordinator of the Physical Therapist Assisting program at South University: “Injuries can be caused by a combination of those things without necessarily being the only reasons. Fatigue and overuse are also significant contributors to an injury, and not excluding also the psychosocial aspects and dehydration that cause athletes to be prone to injuries.”

The post continues: “Coping with sports injuries often requires physical rehabilitation. Physical therapy helps people rebuild strength and movement in parts of their body after an injury. Therapy can also help someone manage pain and prevent permanent damage and recurring problems.”

“Physical therapists are trained to help patients recover following an injury. As part of physical therapy, they can teach exercises, stretches, and techniques using specialized equipment to address problems.”