Mon. July 10, 2017

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What Do People Not Understand About Physical Therapy?

Erin Kenney, MPT, writing for the Newark Star Ledger:

Probably that patients don’t need a prescription to visit a physical therapist. In New Jersey, anyone can go straight to a physical therapist for an evaluation and treatment without having to visit another doctor first for a prescription. This law (called Direct Access) has helped people get care faster and avoid unnecessary co-pays.

Physical therapists treat a wide array of conditions — more than most people realize. Think about it — not only do physical therapists have to be skilled at treating every area of the body, but they also must have a deep understanding of virtually all medical conditions in order to implement the proper treatment plan for each person walking through their doors. It takes a lot of formal education and training to develop the skillset needed to bounce between rehabbing a patient who just underwent shoulder surgery to treating a patient experiencing dizziness and then to performing soft-tissue mobilization for tendonitis … all within a normal Tuesday morning. In fact, the vast majority of physical therapists at Ivy Rehab have doctorate degrees.