Fri. August 18, 2017

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New Ways to Stay Fit at Your Desk Job

Most of us seek new ways to stay fit while at the office. We all know that sitting at the desk, hunched over with hamstrings and lower backs becoming tighter, is no way to stay in shape.

So a writer at Vox decided to integrate new ways to stay fit into his daily routine, or, as he put it: “How I used science to make my work day freakishly healthy.” They’re pretty clever.

He wrote: “I was convinced this pessimism was misguided; desk jobs don’t have to make us fatter, sicker, and duller. It’s possible to transform nearly any office into a place that leaves us fitter and more energized than when we stumble in with a morning Starbucks. Here’s what I did — and what you can do:”

  1. “I replaced lunch and morning coffee with brief exercise”
  2. “I started stretching during phone calls”
  3. “I ditched my sitting and standing standing desks for a treadmill”
  4. “I started going outside to answer email”

The piece is definitely worth a full read.