Mon. March 6, 2017

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National Athletic Training Month Spotlight: Lisa Alley

National Athletic Training Month is held every March in order to spread awareness about the important work of athletic trainers. To celebrate, we are highlighting some Pivot professionals who work hard to keep local athletes healthy, fit, and active. Here is our Q&A with Lisa Alley, LAT, ATC.

What inspired you to become an athletic trainer? 

I went into athletic training originally because I wanted to follow it through to physical therapy. I was in physical therapy at the time for an elbow injury and found that the rehab process and anatomy behind injuries were very interesting.

How did you find the school experience to get certified?

It was challenging with a lot of extra hours outside of class, but it was worth it.

What do you enjoy most about your role? 

I love having an impact and making a difference in someone’s life. Whether it is seeing them play again after coming back from an injury or just knowing that you were there for them when they needed it.

What are the challenges you see most often with working at a high school?

In high school you do not have control over what the athletes do when they are not at the school. I find that the kids don’t eat as well as they should and rarely get the rest that they need.

What is the most surprising part of being an athletic trainer? 

Being an athletic trainer is more than just standing on the sideline at games and practices. What people often overlook are the relationships that we build with everyone around us (athletes, coaches, parents, doctors, etc.).

What do you know now about athletic training that you would go back and tell your high school self if you could?

Be prepared for working long hours and plan to get your Masters after you finish your Bachelors.