Tue. January 26, 2016

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Military Style Fitness Tips

The Military Times “Military Muscle” column outlines top U.S. military-style fitness tips. These include:

  • “Women and pull-ups: All of the active-duty women with whom I have worked were able to perform unassisted pullups within 30 to 60 days of starting their programs. I insist they do pullups every single day.”
  • “Medicine ball for explosive power: A medicine ball is one of the few pieces of equipment that can deliver results through either controlled or explosive repetition. It also brings a large percentage of your “total body” into play when performing the exercise.”

The piece also offers these “Stretching do’s & don’ts…”

  • “Do: Stretch before and after any event.”
  • “Don’t: Stretch before to an event without five to 10 minutes of light warmup before the stretching.”
  • “Do: A dynamic stretch (looks like constant movement because the hold is very short) rather than a passive stretch (holding for 15 seconds or longer) prior to an event.”
  • “Don’t: Take “dynamic” to mean bounce-stretching; these movements should be fluid, not rapid and jerky.”
  • “Do: A more passive style of stretching after your event is completed.”
  • “Don’t: Continue a passive stretch past a point where you feel any pain.”