It’s Not Too Late To Set 2022 Goals!

SMARTER Goal Setting

Provided by Pivot Onsite Innovations 

The more specific you are about your goals, the better and more able you’ll be to accomplish. Clearly define your steps and what you need to do each day to make it happen.

Choose a method for tracking your goal and set short term goals that help achieve the long term goal.

A goal should be something within your reach, but not so easily attainable that they won’t take much effort. This will help build momentum and give you a positive vibe when you hit your goal.

When you set a goal, it needs to have significance to you. If it doesn’t matter to you, it will be easy to discard.

Set an exact date on when you plan to achieve your goal and measure your progress. Without these two elements, you will not be able to see your progress.

Is your goal in line with your personal values or mission? Try to set a goal that you can achieve honestly and does not go against your moral compass.

When you achieve your goal, celebrate it! Find a positive way reward yourself for your hard work and dedication to yourself.

Studies show it takes between 18-254 days to create a habit! When working toward a goal, lay it all out and be specific. Knowing your values and your motivators will help keep you on track in your goal-setting endeavors. When will you check in with yourself to stay aware of your progress? Weekly? Monthly? Your goal may be learning to play a new instrument, breaking an unhealthy habit, or making time for a new activity.

Example of a SMARTER goal:
I want to eliminate my screen time in bed before I fall asleep in one month. The first week, I will browse social sites for 10 minutes, then read a book. I will decrease my screen time by 5 minutes each week. I will track my progress on a notepad by my nightstand. I want to decrease my screen time to improve my sleep health.