Fri. January 29, 2016

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How Physical Therapy Can Help With Chronic Pain

Daily Post: “Millions of people wake up in pain every day. Some major culprits include backache, arthritis, and chronic pain in the knees or shoulders. Pain can stem from illness; inactivity; injury; or repetitive movements, such as typing. Easing chronic pain often starts with medicine and therapy. If you suffer from chronic pain, the first stop should be your doctor’s office. Your physician may refer you to a physical therapist (PT). PTs use a hands-on approach to help relieve pain.”

“During the first session, the PT will ask you to describe your pain. He or she will test your strength and ability to move by gently guiding you through different movements, offering resistance, and noting when pain happens.”

Your PT will then develop a treatment plan to:

  • Reduce pain
  • Ease movement
  • Restore function
  • Prevent future problems
  • Later sessions may include exercises, massage, and posture training. Depending on your problem, you also may receive various pain-relieving measures, such as:
  • Splints or other devices to support a sore joint
  • Ultrasound
  • Heat and ice