Tue. October 6, 2015

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Hands On Experience Matters in Physical Therapy

The Bowling Green Daily News looks at the hands-on training offered in Western Kentucky University’s doctor of physical therapy program.

“Jennifer Harrington and Alex Lewis, both second-year students in Western Kentucky University’s doctor of physical therapy program, were among 15 students practicing joint mobilization techniques in class Tuesday. ‘They’re learning to do them at their wrist and we’re going to start into the hand shortly,’ Associate Professor Beth Norris said… Norris instructed her students to grab towels from a cabinet at the edge of the classroom in The Medical Center-WKU Health Sciences Complex. Students then began practicing the techniques at large padded tables that doubled as desks. Harrington worked on Lewis’ wrist while it was elevated off the table with a rolled-up towel. The two swapped roles between patient and clinician as they took turns practicing their skills.”

“The Board of Regents’ Academic Affairs Committee approved a request for the doctor of physical therapy program to become its own department at its Friday meeting. Following potential approval by regents in October, the department can officially launch July 1. The change would bring more exposure to the degree track that now has 90 students.”