Sun. January 25, 2015

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Data from MyFitnessPal Users Shows Which Workouts are Hot

We’re certainly past the time where 2014 trends or 2015 predictions make for important reading… but a new source of data recently was published, and it provides some interesting insights into ways Americans (actually, people globally) are staying fit. recently reviewed internal data from its members to determine “what fitness trends we could see among the 75 million MyFitnessPal users, so we sat down with our fitness and nutrition experts to take a look at the hot workouts from 2014.”

As they wrote on their blog: “We took the total number of minutes logged for each of these activities and divided by the number of active users on the app over the period of Jan-Nov of 2013 vs. Jan- Nov 2014. We did have a growth in our database over that time, so we corrected for the number of daily active users.”

Among the insights:

Users “logged 8% fewer minutes of Zumba in 2014 than in 2013.”

“Ballet Barre classes like Cardio Barre, Daily Method and Bar Method, which are based on workouts done by dancers, were up by a whopping 45.8%!”

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) “was up 19.6% in 2014.”

Running “was up 7.1% in 2014.”