Celebrate National Athletic Trainer’s Month with Pivot

This year’s theme for National Athletic Trainer’s Month is “We Prepare – You Perform!”

Athletic trainers (ATs) are highly skilled and educated health professionals who work under the direction of licensed physicians to provide healthcare for student athletes. An athletic trainer is trained in the recognition, rehabilitation, treatment and management of injuries, as well as in nutritional and psychological counseling. Beyond this academic background, all ATs are required to participate in extensive clinical internships under strict supervision. Athletic trainers are well prepared to apply their skills to the prevent injuries, provide care for an acute injury, and to manage rehabilitation after an injury. In addition to requirements for certification, many states have laws regulating the practice of athletic training. Based on these qualifications, the certified athletic trainer, other than a physician, is the most qualified individual to deal with secondary school athletic injuries on a daily basis.


According to the National Athletic Trainer’s Association (NATA) there are over 30,000 athletic trainers working nationwide in a variety of settings. The Youth Sports Safety Alliance reported that high school athletes suffer 2 million injuries annually that result in 200,000 physician visits and 30,000 hospitalizations. Overuse injuries are responsible for nearly half of all sports injuries to middle and high school athletes, as reported by the CDC.

Many other injuries can be more serious and life threatening such as cardiac, respiratory or metabolic emergencies, heat illness, brain injury and neck trauma. Athletic trainers providing immediate care can have a big impact on the outcome of all of these injuries or illnesses. The athletic trainer could save a life or reduce the risk of disability, decrease time lost due to an injury, and reduce risk of re-injury.  Whatever may be the case, the athletic trainers role is to keep the athlete safe, healthy and help get them back on the field of play.


Pivot Physical Therapy proudly provides sports medicine services to 45 secondary schools along the East Coast.  Our ATs prepare athletes both physically and mentally to return to activity following an injury or illness.

One high school senior quoted, ““My athletic trainer not only improved my performance, but all of the student-athletes in our school. She finds every athlete’s strengths and weaknesses, tends to them and helps them improve. She knows our limits and helps us reach them in a safe way. She’s taught us how to take care of ourselves and keeps us safe.”

Our Pivot Physical Therapy athletic trainers make a difference.  They work with youth, high school, college, and professional athletes, as well as other active individuals. Our goal is to provide exemplary care, maintain good health, so they may reach an optimal level of performance.

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