Wed. August 16, 2017

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Can Data Help Predict Sports Injuries?

Why do most sports injuries among professional athletes happen? Kittman Labs sought to predict it wasn’t just bad luck.

Wired: “To do the maths Kitman Labs realised it needed the data about injuries, which was difficult because no teams were actually collecting the information at the time… The other thing it needed were biometric readings, which were being collected, but were being stored in silos by the companies collecting the various datasets, which meant that none of the data could be used to inform the rest. It was this that made the company see it needed to create a centralised data platform, which is what it has now done, and which it trades off.”

“They made it possible for a coach to pull their phone out of their pocket to see which athletes were at risk. The idea was to create a simple and clean interface that would avoid turning coaches into analysts so they could spend the maximum amount of time with the athletes.”

“A three-year trial has shown that Kitman’s athlete management system can reduce injuries by 30 percent using known injury indicators. The company has done two validations, one  with the San Francisco giants and another with the LA Dodgers, and it has found that it has good accuracy, and higher viability and lower liability than standard practitioners. Price varies from club to club, but depends ultimately on the size of the team.”

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