Ask Gary Katz

As CEO of Pivot Physical Therapy, Gary Katz plays multiple roles: He’s the boss, he’s a businessman, and he’s a trained physical therapist.

Gary did a series of interviews on his personal site and ran through an interesting range of topics below:

  • Physical Therapy – “Physical therapy is a tool to help people restore their function, reduce their pain and allow them to go back to do what they love to do.”
  • Youth Sports – “Working with others in youth sports, sportsmanship, learning how to be a team player and learning the importance of exercise and being active, especially in these days of internet gaming.”
  • Staying Healthy – “Physical therapy is focused on recovery, getting people back to living, to work, to play.”
  • Sports and Diabetes – “Although sports and staying healthy is challenging enough and diet in sports is very important when you are at the competitive level – I find it very interesting when athletes are challenged by… when athletes who have type 1 diabetes.”
  • Culture and Brand – “You are what you eat. You are only as good as the people who make up your business.”
  • Growing a Business – “There is a fine line of growing a company and it involves detailed processes and systems in place that focus on achieving set goals with at the team you put together that will be accountable for assisting in achieving those goals.”
  • Technology – “Technologically, the physical therapist has been challenged with going from traditional handwriting to electronic medical records.”