Inclusion. Diversity. Equity.

ID&E Council

What is ID&E?

Athletico’s mission for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity is to empower, challenge, and advocate for our communities by cultivating and sustaining workspaces that are inclusive, diverse, and equitable.

Why is it important to us?

Athletico’s vision for ID&E is to be the resource and change agent that ensures our organization and industry is pursuing inclusion, diversity, and equity principles in the foundation of everything we do for our employees and patients as One Athletico.

What are we doing to achieve this?

Athletico’s ID&E goals are to identify ID&E specific priorities, implement actionable strategies, and address all concerns through the scope of diversity and equity.

ID&E Council Members:

Melissa Fraizer, Team Lead Occupational Hand Therapist: Marion, OH
Bailey Siebrecht, Onsite Athletic Trainer: Iowa
Dana Cochran, Physical Therapy Assistant: Riverwood, GA
Tripti Upadhyay, Clinic Manager: Wilmington, DE
Michael Finch, Onsite Athletic Trainer: Minnesota
Chantel Johnson, Patient Experience Coordinator: Channahon, IL
Violetta Shuman, Work Comp Manager, NJ
Meauana Marshall, PCC: Washington DC
Gwendolyn Redden, Clinic Manager: Chesapeake Beach, MD
Theresa Crone, Director of Revenue Cycle: Billing Center
Sumeet Aggarwal, Regional Director: St. Louis, MO
Gabrielle Gambrell, Talent Acquisition Specialist: Resource Center
Jordan Miller, Physical Therapist: Westminster, MD
Jordan Hirstein, Clinic Manager: Aurora, IL
Destinee Grove, Athletic Trainer: East St. Louis, MO
Gran Intarakumhang, Clinic Manager
Lauren Brown, Communications Specialist, Resource Center
Erica Scott, Director of Employee Experience & Internal Communications

Employee Resource Groups

Annette Egel
Michelle Wilson

Erica Ames
Destinee Grove

Theresa Crone
Jocelyn Amezcua

Molly Calcaterra
Claire Milton

Colleen Edmonson
Cathleen Sullivan