Tory B.


Physical Therapist

Tory B. graduated from St. Louis University in Missouri with a BS degree in Physical
Therapy. After graduating, she was employed at Louise Obici Memorial Hospital as a staff PT for 3 years, and was soon promoted to Assistant Director of Rehabilitation; she remained in this position for the next 6 years. Soon after graduating with her BS, she began studying at Old Dominion University for a MS degree in Community Health with an emphasis in Management. Her thesis was a randomized study comparing 2 types of physical therapy treatment for those suffering from myofascial pain. Tory has published an article called Fascia in the PT Forum.

After her 9 years at Obici, she accepted a part time position as Director of Physical Therapy in a Newport News hospital whose primary responsibility was to open a PT Department, build
rapport with physicians, hire staff, and train the next director. When that was completed, she and her husband opened Physical Therapy Works, Inc. and a contract company called Infinity Rehab in Suffolk which was owned for 22 years.

Tory was also very involved in the VPTA as leader of the Legislative Committee and was key in gaining Term Protection for PT and Direct Access where a community member could be seen by a Physical Therapist without a physician referral. She was also a key educator to
Legislators in Richmond about bills coming before them, and mentored clinicians in this

In 2000, Tory was chosen as 1 of 56 PTs in the United States to accompany the
President of the American Physical Therapy Association to China. This was a 2 week trip where she and others met with Chinese Doctors to teach rehabilitation treatments/techniques,
compare treatment interventions, visit Chinese hospitals, visit small Chinese villages, and learn about the Chinese culture.

Soon after returning from China, she began studying for a Doctorate of Science in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy at Rocky Mountain University in Provo, Utah. Her course of study was completed with a dissertation comparing upper extremity reaching overhead when the lumbar spine is in lordosis compared to kyphosis, and was defended in front of her
Dissertation Committee at Old Dominion University in 2005.

In between studying for her 3 science degrees, Tory obtained her certification in Dry Needling, a certification in McKenzie Spine treatment, and a certification in Functional Standards for Optimal Aging. She also has been a guest speaker at Old Dominion University PT school, a guest speaker at Tidewater Community College PTA School, has been been a clinical instructor for PT/PTA interns from various universities throughout the US, has mentored medical students in PT clinic, and has spoken at various community events and to various physician groups. She is on the Board of Physical Therapy at TCC. After the sale of Physical Therapy Works, Inc, Tory became employed with Tidewater PT, Pivot PT, and now Athletico PT.