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Scott Stephenson


Clinic Director, Physical Therapist

Scott is the clinic director at our Columbia physical therapy clinic in Supreme Sports Club. Scott joined Pivot in September 2017 but has been working in Outpatient Orthopedics since graduating from Emory University, in Atlanta Georgia, in 2013. Scott has a passion for treating orthopedic and sports related injuries. He has a history of working with athletes of all levels including professional (Baltimore Orioles), collegiate, and high school. He has a particular interest in golf rehabilitation and performance after playing golf through college and then obtaining certification through the Titleist Performance Institute.

Scott recently completed his Dry Needling certification through Myopain Seminars. Therapeutic dry needling has been a useful tool in decreasing patient’s pain and improving their function as a complement to the other types of manual therapy he has been trained in (joint manipulations, muscle energy techniques, cupping therapy, etc.)

Outside of work Scott likes to stay active with all types of social sports, playing golf, and going to the beach.