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Russell Edwards


Athletic Trainer

For Russell Edwards, achieving one’s goal is a marathon not a sprint. Consistency and patience yield the most optimal results, which is exactly how he relates to his clients.

“I love exercise, reaching goals and educating, so why not pursue the one profession where I can do all  three,” he says of his decision to become a performance coach.

Russell’s energy and dedication transcend his own athletic passions, carrying over to his professional philosophy and interactions.  He knows reaching a goal can be tough, however, admitting, “If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.”  This is particularly evident in his specialty areas of weight loss, sport-specific training, power lifting, Strong Man and Highlander Games training.

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Russell graduated from Metro State College of Denver in 2008.  He played baseball and soccer in high school, rugby in college and today he burns fuel snowboarding, lifting weights and going to concerts.  His favorite clients?  “Anyone who wants to succeed, anyone who wants to reach their goals, anyone who wants to put in the effort.”