Renee M.


Clinic Director, Physical Therapist

Renee M., Clinic Director at Pivot’s Battlefield location, has been practicing physical therapy for 34 years. She brings a unique mix of compassion, empathy and expertise to her position, along with a genuine desire to make a difference in her patients’ lives.

Renee graduated from VCU/Medical College of Virginia in 1986, and after more than two decades of practice, went back to school to pursue a DPT. She earned her doctorate in 2013 from Shenandoah University.

A high school and university athlete, Renee tore her ACL playing college basketball. Her desire to become a PT was solidified during time spent in rehabilitation after this injury. She was also thoroughly fascinated by human anatomy, and relished the opportunity to make other people’s lives better. Shortly after graduating PT school, she put this vision into practice.

“There was a young lady who obtained a spinal cord injury from a train accident,” Renee explains. “She was told she would never walk and she was unsure how she would take care of her two young children. We worked with her daily for months and I will never forget the feeling of watching her walk out of the rehab center to go home, using two crutches.”  Renee says she felt honored to have been this patient’s physical therapist and also enjoyed being a part of that patient’s journey through her recovery.

With having extensive training in orthopedic and sports medicine, Renee loves helping active, athletic patients, but she also finds deep satisfaction in helping people recognize their true potential. She cares for her patients whole-heartedly, and embraces the opportunity to make a difference.

When she is not in the clinic, she spends time with her friends and family and volunteers for her church. She sits on the board of the science and medicine academy for the Chesapeake school system.