Paul K.


Physical Therapist Assistant

Paul is a Physical Therapist Assistant treating patients at the Lightfoot Marketplace clinic in Williamsburg, VA. He joined Pivot Physical Therapy in 2020 after earning an Associate of Applied Science in Physical Therapy Assisting from ECPI University.

In March 2021 he completed Pivot’s New Grad Mentorship Program with a focus on orthopedic excellence, the coursework covering a wide range of topics from pain neuroscience to manual techniques; he particularly enjoys working with disorders of the shoulder and seeks to become an orthopedic certified specialist to further support his efforts in improving patient outcomes. He also earned a certification as a Clinical Instructor in July 2022 to further promote and uplift the practice of physical therapy.

Paul worked as a supervisor with Starbucks Coffee Company before realizing his knowledge, empathy, and skill would be ideally suited to helping others enjoy active, pain-free lives. He fulfilled his second clinical rotation at Pivot Norge and was hired on temporarily as a PT tech while building a good working relationship with his fellow clinicians and strong rapport with the patients.

Paul received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Mary Washington in 2007.

When not in the clinic Paul enjoys a wide variety of activities, such as weightlifting, kayaking, and hiking. He frequents local breweries on sunny days, often accompanied by his mother and dog. He is an avid costumer/tailor, working leather and fabric and selling his art online. He has been a competitive sword fighter since 2003, beginning with Olympic-style fencing before joining the HEMA Alliance (Historic European Martial Arts); his highest achievement thus far is a bronze medal at the 2017 Longpoint tournament.