Olivia M.


Physical Therapist, Clinic Manager

Olivia joined Pivot Physical Therapy as a physical therapist in May of 2021. In March of 2023 she became the Clinic Manager of the Roanoke-Towers location. Olivia started her career in Chicago where she worked with one of the top hospitals in Illinois to improve patient’s overall health and well-being. She also helped develop and implement a physical and occupational therapy program to assist Covid-19 survivors with long-term physical effects of the illness.

Olivia brings her specialty of pelvic floor therapy to the area, where she treats both males and females for a variety of pelvic floor, core, and hip disorders that are all related to the function of the pelvis. She also specializes in workers compensation cases, work conditioning and functional capacity evaluations.

Olivia grew up in Rochester, NY, and is a devoted Buffalo Bills’ fan. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science from University of Buffalo, a State University of New York, before moving to Chicago for PT school. Olivia currently lives in Roanoke with her husband, their 2 cats and their dog and enjoys taking long hikes in nature and sitting down with a good book.