Kuang H.


Physical Therapist, Clinic Director

Martin joined Pivot Physical Therapy in November 2012 as a new graduate. He graduated from University of Maryland College Park in 2008 with a BS in cell biology and molecular genetics. He received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2012 from University of Maryland Eastern Shore. Martin is a board certified myofascial trigger point therapist who performs trigger point dry needling as well as a level II certified instrumental assisted soft tissue mobilization clinician. He believes that making his patients stronger and moving better with less pain is the key to improving their quality of life. He is an advocate for strength training for patients of all ages and incorporates barbell, kettlebell, and body weight exercises into his treatment regularly. Physical therapy does not have to be therabands and boring table exercises!

In his free time Martin enjoys spending time with his family, basketball, and golf. Since 2014 he has become a semi-competitive powerlifter and is currently a top 100 lifter in the nation in his weight class. He continues to pursue his powerlifting goal in his free time and plans to compete nationally if the timing is right.