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Laura Liberatore


Physical Therapist, Clinic Director

Laura Liberatore is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, with over 17 years of experience, and is the Clinic Director for Pivot Physical Therapy in Gambrills. She is responsible for day-to-day clinic operations and hands-on patient care. Laura specializes in orthopedic manual therapy and treating a variety of orthopedic and neurological conditions in pediatrics through professional athletes. She is skilled in kinesio taping techniques to assist with decreasing pain and improving function with musculoskeletal disorders. Laura is also a certified practitioner of Functional Movement Assessments (FMS). FMS is an organized system allowing her to analyze a patient’s dysfunctional movement pattern and impairments to help decrease pain.

Laura is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, consulting to several professional athletes from the National Basketball Association, National Hockey League and Major League Soccer. She incorporates her expertise in personal training, yoga, and Pilates into her physical therapy practice. Laura graduated with a Master’s and Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from University of Maryland, Baltimore. Laura also recently completed her dry needling certification from the Myopain Institute. Laura is a 200-hour registered Yoga teacher and co-leads the Musculoskeletal Assessment program within the Pranakriya School of Yoga.

In her free time she enjoys time with her family and friends, yoga, and sunshine at the beach.