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Joan Fernandez Tomas


Physical Therapist

Joan Fernandez Tomas, PT, DPT is a Certified Therapeutic Pain Specialist. Joan is currently the Senior Physical Therapist at the Gloucester Courthouse location. He joined Pivot in May 2015. Joan is enrolled in the fellowship program for pain neuroscience. He is interested and specializes in the complexities of pain neuroscience. He likes to treat all kinds of patients ranging from young athletes with ACL injuries to chronic back pain. Joan was Self-Employed in Spain in a cash-based business for approximately five years before moving to the United States. Joan graduated from the University of Barcelona in Spain and has a Master’s degree in Manual Therapy from the University of Granada in Spain. He is certified in therapeutic pain science and undergoing the Pain Neuroscience Fellowship.

In his spare time, Joan loves playing and watching basketball, reading research, science and art. His family lives in Spain where he visits at least once a year. He loves to travel and hike.