Edward D.


Physical Therapist, Clinic Director

Edward is a physical therapist and clinic director at Pivot Physical Therapy in Greentown PA. He has 20 years’ experience in outpatient orthopedic care and 15 years running/managing several different clinics.

Ed received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Physical Therapy from College Misericordia. Ed is certified in The Duffy-Rath System, FMS, SFMA, Strain-Counter-Strain, and Kinesio taping. He has taught Eclectic Approach to Mobilization courses for Pivot Physical Therapy and ProCare Physical Therapy.

Ed enjoys spending time outdoors with his family, reading medical journals, camping, hiking, hunting and fishing. He was born and raised in rural north-west New Jersey and now resided in Greentown with wife and two daughters.