Dylan Clark


Physical Therapist

Dylan Clark joined Pivot Physical Therapy as a physical therapist in September 2022 at the Rosslyn, VA location. His passion for physical therapy started when he experienced a fracture in his low back playing football. As a result, Dylan experienced a lengthy physical therapy process resulting in a full return to football. Dylan is passionate about working with patients to improve their ability to perform in their daily lives and sporting activities. He believes in maximizing the abilities of his patients of all ages. 

Dylan grew up in Medford, NJ and attended The University of Maryland, Baltimore County. There he received a Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences. After undergrad, he worked at the University of Maryland Medical Center for 2 years. Following this, Dylan attended physical therapy school and earned his Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy from Marymount University.

In his spare time Dylan enjoys road cycling, weight lifting, and hiking. He continues to explore the greater Arlington area, seeking new places to go out to eat, experiences, and sights. Keep your eyes peeled on the local bike trails, Dylan can be frequently spotted cruising along the paths!