Benjamin P.


Physical Therapist Assistant

Benjamin P. is a physical therapist assistant who joined Pivot in October of 2019, working in Delaware at the Selbyville location. Ben specializes in pain neuroscience as he is completing his program to be a therapeutic pain specialist. He is also a certified nutrition coach, level 1 professional yoga therapist, while being CPR certified as well, and will be taking part in Pivot’s orthopedic specialization, OPTA. He is very familiar with the Pivot organization as he performed a clinical education at the Lansdale location in Pennsylvania.

Ben attended Montgomery County Community College in the Northwest Philadelphia area. He graduated in May of 2019, getting his Associate in Applied Science. Ben was a member of the charter physical therapist class at Montgomery County Community College, and he is the first person to ever receive a PTA degree from the university.

Outside of the clinic, Ben enjoys outdoor activities including skiing, football, paddle boarding, hiking, and going to the beach. He also puts an emphasis on exercising and eating healthy to promote a fit lifestyle. Family comes first for Ben, who’s favorite activity is getting the whole family together for cookouts.