Allison W.


Physical Therapist

Living in Washington State for most of her life, Allison slowly made her way to the east coast by going to Andrews University in Michigan. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree with a fitness focus in 2019. She got certified as a Personal trainer and soon after, finished her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2022 at the same university.

Allison specializes in orthopedic injuries and finds fulfillment when helping patients continue or return to their beloved hobbies or sport(s). She utilizes techniques such as soft tissue and joint mobilization to provide her patients’ relief and increase their mobility. Exercise regimes provided are personalized and unique to the individual and their goals. This sets them up for success by focusing on proper body mechanics, correct muscle engagement, as well as improving one’s strength and mobility.

When she’s not in the clinic, Allison enjoys working out and participating in activities such as bouldering, hiking, basketball, and volleyball. And enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her puppy named Maya Papaya.