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Functional Movement Screenings

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Our team of professionals are now offering Functional Movement Screenings (FMS) to all of our patients and affiliated organizations and schools.

What is our Functional Movement Screening Program?

The functional movement screening consists of 7 fundamental movements used to assess an individual’s ability to move efficiently without limitation. Limited mobility at any given joint can lead to compensations, altering an individual's movement pattern and placing him or her at increased risk of injury.

The FMS program at Pivot Physical Therapy utilizes the results of the screening to address limitations through corrective exercises

Benefits of an FMS

  • Achieve your peak performance
  • Prevent injuries before they happen
  • Our team communicates with doctors, coaches, and individuals about your progress and treatment plans

The FMS is used by professional and collegiate sports teams such as the University of Maryland, Texas A&M, Baltimore Ravens, Seattle Seahawks, and the Washington Capitals.

Is Your Sports Team or Organization
Interested in Completing An FMS?

Email Scott Ellis, Director Sports Medicine Outreach and Development at