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Concussion Management

A Comprehensive Approach

Our Pivot Sports Medicine team understands every concussion is significant, unique and potentially complex. The mechanism of injury that causes a concussion can damage multiple areas of the body, as well as the brain, including the cervical spine, the inner ear and the eye. Associated damage to multiple areas can cause overlapping signs and symptoms that if not accurately diagnosed and treated, may delay recovery.

Our trained physical therapists and athletic trainers are an integral part of a sports medicine team approach to evaluating, treating and managing patients who have suffered from concussions and concussion related problems. We communicate directly with physicians and other healthcare providers in a continuum of care model to ensure that appropriate care and rehabilitation is provided for an athletes’ safe return to play.

Every patient is carefully evaluated, screened, treated and monitored until they are fully recovered. An individualized rehabilitation program is designed and implemented by our trained staff to meet the specific needs identified in the evaluation and diagnosis. Each program has safe, structured progressions.

Each patient will receive:

  • Complete evaluation and physical examination
  • Cervical Spine Screening and Rehabilitation
  • Vestibular Screening and Rehabilitation
  • Occulomotor Screening and Rehabilitation
  • Graduated aerobic training, balance training, agility drills and sports specific skills
  • Re-evaluation, monitoring and documentation at each session
  • Weekly communication with physician and other healthcare providers
  • Slow to Recover and Gradual Return to Play protocols meet all requirements established by youth and high school athletic associations