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Golf Rehab

Improve your Golf Game with Functional Rehabilitation

Golf is an invigorating sport that can sometimes have serious physical repercussions if you do not know how to properly move your body during play. This is why Pivot Physical Therapy offers a golf rehabilitation program that utilizes the Titlelist Performance Institute (TPI) assessment model.

What is golf rehab?

Golfers of all ages can participate in the golf physical therapy program. Golfers will be assessed on their overall functional movement by going through a series of mobility and stability movements designed to grade, record and analyze the body’s movement. The total picture of your body and swing are assessed to help optimize your personal performance and minimize pain and risk of future injury.

You will also receive a personal assessment sheet with recommendations and golf specific exercises, plus tips for correct posture in other areas of golf, such as when carrying clubs.

What are the benefits?

Whether you are a novice golfer, weekend golfer or a professional, this golf physical therapy rehab program is for you. There are countless benefits to this unique program, including:

  • Total body movement assessment
  • Corrective exercise application
  • Strength training specific to golf
  • Decreased painful movement patterns
  • Decreased risk of further injury
  • Play the game of golf for longer with greater efficiency
  • Education in weight training for golf
  • Golf training exercises and fitness programs

A golfer can spend hundreds of dollars on the latest equipment, but may forget that golf fitness training for the body is the most important tool. Strength training for golf and golf exercise training are vital aspects of improving and maintaining your golf game.


Mitch Stanley is a TPI certified professional and clinic director of our Arnold, MD clinic. Contact him, or one of other other TPI certified therapists, by calling 844.PIVOT PT (748.6878).