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I have enjoyed getting to know my therapist Michael and having his help in my shoulder PT. He is wonderful with all his clients. He really went out of his way to encourage and push me. I really enjoyed PT due to the whole staff. I won't say it was painless but I was well taken care of. I have almost full mobility and my orthopedist said he had never seen a frozen shoulder gain so much range of motion in 3 months. He asked who and where I did my PT and gave him Michael's card. He was impressed. Raleigh Ortho has some great PTs but, he let me stay with Michael. I will forever be greatful for his work ethic, dedication to his patients, his sense of humor and his ability to be the utmost professional. I am sad to be coming to an end of PT. I will sincerely miss the team and some of the other patients I have met.


Kim B - Patient