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Don’t Take Our Word For It, Our Customers Sing Our Praises as Well!

From patients to partner organizations to professional sports teams, take time to read over all of our testimonials.

"The staff and therapists at Pivot are professional, compassionate, friendly, punctual, and helpful. My therapy sessions always helped reduce my pain and further the healing process. The therapists went the extra mile to help me improve and enable me to return to my activities. I also appreciated the helpful tips and printed photos and instructions for me to continue at home and ways to help avoid making my issues worse. I won't hesitate to return to their care whenever I need PT. My thanks to all of them! "

Gail C - Patient


"Not only does aquatic therapy assist in my overall goals in strengthening my core and my ability to walk for longer time pain free, but also gives me a sense of well-being.  It is a great opportunity for exercise, confidence and friendship. There is a supportive environment brought out by the therapist and all folks associated with the program. Having a therapeutic pool with a qualified therapist has been a really great experience."

E. Elder - Patient


"Keith does a great job of communicating with myself, athletes and their parents so that everyone is on the same page. Keith goes above and beyond in helping athletes schedule appointments and following up with them after. Keith is and excellent trainer. The student athletes respect him and his knowledge. He works hard at providing them the best care possible. "

Century High School Coach - Other


"Outstanding service, outstanding knowledge, outstanding people! Taryn is the best! She knows PT and she knows how to talk to all her clients. She is an outstanding employee who would seem indispensable if I owned the company! Keep up the great work!! "

Donald V. - Patient

Location: Raleigh, NC (Six Forks Road)

"Without a doubt the aquatic therapy has helped us both with our back issues. We still have steroid shots periodically, but feel the aquatic therapy has been more beneficial."

Gene and Doris - Patients


"Having Pivot Physical Therapy provide physical therapy to the Caps has enabled us to maintain our winning status and assisted us in getting our players back to the ice in record time."

Greg Smith, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer for the Washington Capitals - Partner


"Charlie Domnisch's mad skills have helped my knee heal in record time. DC friends, if you get hurt, go visit Charlie at the Foxhall clinic!"

Janae B. - Patient

Location: Foxhall/American University, Washington, DC

"Holly is probably one of the most knowledgeable and energetic physical therapists I have ever been seen by. I am very thankful that she was able to get me a full range of motion and pain relief in both my right forearm and right hip area. I will surely seek her therapy in the event that I have another injury or a re-occurrence of this pain. "

Timothy W. - Patient

Location: Raleigh, NC (Blue Ridge Road)

"I use your Waugh Chapel facility in Gambrills Maryland. As a retired military veteran I am well familiar with physical therapy and it's various performance/quality standards. My experience with Pivot has been outstanding and you are by far the best private facility I have been involved with. I wish specifically to command Laura and Joy in their land and aquatic expertise in my rehabilitation. Ms. Laura's evaluation and rehab routine was comprehensive and effective. When I had progressed from aquatics Ms. Laura gave me specific routines and creative treatments I had never seen before. I was walking better than I had in years. None of what Laura accomplished would've been possible without Ms. Joy's expertise and work with me in aquatics. I was practically a cripple when Ms. Joy started working on me and within a very short time I felt stronger than I had in years. I am now back after a second surgery and I wanted you to know those two women were the very reasons that I came back to Pivot."

Damon R. - Patient

Location: Gambrills, MD (Village at Waugh Chapel)

"I would like to thank you for all the hard work you and your team do. I went from being in a sling (not being able to straighten my arm) to throwing a ball and doing “man makers”.  I truly appreciate it and thank you.  In addition, and possibly the most important thing, everyone at Pivot Physical Therapy is FUN and great to be around.  I look forward to getting away from work and “playing” at your facilities – yes, I consider my rehab time as play."

Jeff D - Patient

Location: 18th Street NW, Washington, DC

"Aquatic therapy is an excellent program. This program has allowed me to manage my pain, walk and stand for long periods of time and most of all rebuild my overall strength. Aquatic therapy is a highly recommended program."

M. Hudson - Patient


"Keshia has been a very positive addition to the athletic department at North Hagerstown High School. She has gone above and beyond my expectations. Her rapport with the students is excellent. She also worked closely with the school nurse dealing with any problems that evolved during the school day. She keeps me abreast of events that occurred during practice and competions.What an asset!"

North Hagerstown High School Athletic Director Marcia Nissel, CMAA - Other


"I was skeptical when I began aquatic therapy, not really believing it would be less painful than land therapy -- but pool therapy (under the direction of skilled therapy staff) has not only been painless, it's been highly beneficial. Being able to walk and work out in the pool -- without effort -- is helping to fulfill my/my doctors' goals: to build strength, effectively achieve pain management, and avoid surgery."

D. Campbell - Patient


"Aquatic therapy has helped me drastically improve my mobility and range of motion while also lessening joint pain. The staff at the Westminster, MD location is very professional, helpful, and friendly, and with their guidance and support I have been able to complete the rehabilitation program and advance to the Wellness Program."

Bill U. - Patient

Location: Westminster, MD (Meadow Creek)

"When I needed surgery in December for a torn meniscus I thought my dream of showing my Belgian Malinois, Halo, at The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in NYC in February was over - then I found Pivot Physical Therapy. On my first visit I told Dave that my goal was to be in shape to show Halo in February. Dave understood my concerns and knew how much this meant to me."

Patti C. - Patient


"Spending time in the pool is therapy for my mind as well as my body.  As I celebrate 65 years of life today, I feel so much better knowing I can do so many things for myself that I didn't think possible a few years ago and I feel very good about that and proud of myself.  Thank you to Joy and her staff for helping me believe in myself and reach goals I never thought I could. "

B. Mays - Patient

Location: Gambrills, MD (Village at Waugh Chapel)

"Matt and Jason simply ROCK! In fact, everyone does. I am bummed I am no longer required to attend because they made it fun. "

Rebecca J. - Patient


"Aquatic therapy is great because you can do so much more in the water with less effort using the buoyancy of your body and the water resistance. Joy is a great therapist who really strives to work on the issues that are causing the pain."

S. Roberts - Patient

Location: Gambrills, MD (Village at Waugh Chapel)

"Josh Montemore is the best trainer I've ever been associated with.  He's professional, cares deeply about the athletes, and works very well with the coaches.  He's an asset to the school and your organization.  "

South Carroll High School Coach - Other


"Charles is a very well received addition to our program. Makes us wonder how he got along without him. "

South Hagerstown High School Athletic Director Mike Tesla - Other


"In January, I met with the Pivot team, and worked directly with Christopher Dohrmann, who has literally changed my life. Chris worked with me three days a week, provided me with knowledge, exercises, motivation and most importantly SOUND SUPPORT! The entire Pivot team from Misty, Rene and all others have provided me with OUTSTANDING service. The facility is ALWAYS clean, organized, and warm! The entire staff is outstanding -- and I know that my progress is a team effort! Thank you to the entire team for helping me cope with this burden and assisting me with getting better each and every day! "

Bill A. - Patient

Location: 18th Street NW, Washington, DC

"[Aquatic therapy] is the best thing I have done since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009."

H. Moss - Patient


"I was very impressed with the professionalism and excellence of the services I received from Pivot. Jessica Kuykendall did an outstanding job, and I am feeling much better. Should I need PT services in the future, this would be my first choice. I have already recommended Pivot (and Jessica specifically) to friends who may need PT. "

Steve - Patient

Location: Raleigh, NC (Forestview)

"All of the staff is very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming [at the Clayton clinic]. Matt did a great job in meeting my needs, helping me with exercises to help me on a daily basis, and individualizing my care. He gave lots of encouragement and great explanations as to the healing process and strengthening of my muscles after hip replacement. "

Kay P. - Patient

Location: Clayton, NC

"Andy was very much on his toes with my therapy. He always had a new exercise to try and was patient with my distrust in my ankles. I learned a tremendous amount of ways to upkeep my therapy at home and will continue it to strengthen my ankles. He always listened and answered my questions patiently. "

Markie S - Patient


"Martha has been wonderful!! She first treated me for my back and hip and I have seen a big improvement. We are now working on my neck and I can see improvement after each treatment. Martha has been so great to work with and would recommend her to any of my friends. "

Anita T - Patient


"I wasted 2 months at ATI then I left and went to PIVOT. Within 2 visits they had me doing more than ATI could do in 2 months. I highly recommend PIVOT. I go to the one in Middletown. Kelly, Dan and Sam are great. It is very personable."

Beverly T. - Patient


"Outstanding facility...from reception and office staff to therapists and assistants...all working in cooperation and coordination with each other. My physical therapy treatment as well has been outstanding. I experience working as a full partner with my physical therapist, understanding what is happening and where we are going. His commitment to my maximizing function and well being is clearly evident in the quality of therapy provided. This experience is above and beyond my expectation. I have and will continue to highly recommend this location and my physical therapist."

Linda S. - Patient


"I have enjoyed getting to know my therapist Michael and having his help in my shoulder PT. He is wonderful with all his clients. He really went out of his way to encourage and push me. I really enjoyed PT due to the whole staff."

Kim B - Patient


"I have been extremely pleased with the attention and care I receive by the entire staff at Pivot, including therapist and office personnel. I mostly see Caitlin Cook, who is wonderful both skillfully and personally. There have only been a couple of times my availability didn't work with her schedule, and received excellent therapy from others based on her guidelines from working with me. I am very thankful Pivot is there for me!"

Clayton, NC Patient - Patient



Brittany Rice was great. I don't think she could be any better. She was very professional. She is what a professional should be. Pivot in Clayton gets an A plus. Everybody in there is really great. I don't think the company knows just how special they are.


Clayton, NC Patient - Patient



Amanda and the team at Pivot were terrific. I had been suffering from a lot of pain and weakness in my knee for months prior to coming for PT. I could barely walk from my car to my office. Amanda put me on a program for therapy and rehabilitation and within two months, I was able to jog again.  


Raleigh, NC Patient - Patient



Jessi was phenomenal! I know I would not have the range of motion that I do without her help & guidance. I always appreciated how she would really listen to how I was doing and what problems I was having. She was always so encouraging. I appreciated her depth of knowledge and willingness to share. If ever I need PT again, I will be coming back to Pivot and requesting Jessi.


North Carolina Patient - Patient


"I have had an awesome experience with Pivot and all the staff and students who have worked on my care. I am a registered nurse who called quite a few colleagues to determine where I should receive therapy after a surgical repair to a badly fractured humerus and received several recommendations for Pivot. The entire Fuquay Varina office have been wonderful both with the professional care they give but also in the general environment they provide. "

Fuquay Varina Patient - Patient



My surgeon referred me to Pivot Physical Therapy, Burlington, NC, in early June 2016 following a bicycle accident, a broken femur, and surgery to repair. I arrived at the Burlington Pivot PT office while relying on a walker to get around after six weeks of no weight bearing on the damaged leg. After two sessions of PT with Michele Landry, PT, DPT, I was able to walk without the walker. I continued to receive a total of 14 PT sessions with Ms. Landry that resulted in a very successful rehabilitation. I was most impressed by Michele Landry's extensive knowledge and abilities toward physical therapy as it applied to the healing of my leg muscles. Her sparkling personality and personable approach to patients helps make patients comfortable. I was additionally impressed by the professional manner in which this this Burlington PT office conducted it's daily operation. I would most definitely recommend the Pivot Physical Therapy, Burlington, NC office, and Physical Therapist Michele Landry, to anyone who needs their services.  


Kirby P - Patient



I can't say enough about this practice. The staff is friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable. I have been to several different practices and there is no comparison. The staff goes above and beyond to take care of clients and tailors each session according to your specific needs. If you are looking for physical therapy, this practice is by far the best.  Michele, Heather, and Hannah are awesome to work with. Very highly recommended!


David B - Patient



I injured my right shoulder in March due to a fall. I went to the doctor for a diagnostic exam and they recommended physical therapy. I went through three months of sessions only to end up really no better than when I started. I went back to my doctor for a follow up and was recommended for another round of physical therapy. What I have experienced at Pivot in two and half weeks far exceeds my previous therapy sessions. I was doubtful at first, but Brian, Brandi, Dee, and Michelle have done wonders and I am totally confident and optimistic about making a recovery. Thanks, Team Pivot!


William G. - Patient

Location: Chesapeake, VA (Battlefield)


I just wanted to let you know what great care and service I received at your Cambridge facility at Pivot Physical Therapy.

Issac and the staff at Cambridge were very knowledgeable, capable and professional during my PT sessions and I'd like you to pass on my gratitude to them.

I'd strongly recommend Pivot to anyone needing PT.


Scott D - Patient

Location: Cambridge, MD

"I’m a handicapped woman who has been through many surgeries due to serious arthritis."

Roanoke, VA Patient - Patient