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Samantha Davis, PT, DPT 

Physical Therapist

Samantha was always interested in how the body worked.  “I initially thought I was going to become a brain surgeon,” Samantha said.  That was until her mother ruptured her Achilles tendon.  “I accompanied her to the orthopedic visit. I was amazed with the charts and diagrams of the human body. After being exposed to physical therapy while my mother was rehabilitating her ankle, I knew that this was the field for me.”

Samantha grew up in a Navy family, traveling and living in Guam, California, and Hawaii before making her way to Virginia where she graduated from Granby High School in Norfolk in 2003. Samantha went on to Christopher Newport University where she played collegiate basketball from 2003-2007 and earned her undergraduate degree in biology. In 2011, Samantha finished her doctoral studies at Old Dominion University and officially became a doctor of physical therapy.

Today, she is a physical therapist at Pivot’s Newport New, VA (Oyster Point) clinic. 

“I am very passionate about ACL injury prevention and now I am a certified SportsmetricsTM instructor. I truly enjoy helping others and making a difference in my patient’s life. I grew up playing sports, including track, volleyball, and basketball, and really want to work in an area where I could work with athletes.”

Her professional mission:  promote excellent patient care and make a positive difference.

“I also strive to educate the community on ACL injury prevention and provide the community with an evidence- based program that will decrease the risk of ACL injury in the female athlete.”