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Mitch Stanley

Mitch Stanley, PT, DPT, FMS 

Clinic Director, Physical Therapist

Mitch Stanley is the clinic director and physical therapist with Pivot Physical Therapy in Arnold, Maryland.  In this role, Mitch treats, coordinates, manages, and leads a team providing individualized personalized care in all aspects of physical therapy. A big believer in movement health, Mitch supports the idea that movement is the best medicine of all. With a heavy emphasis on patient education, functional movement, and manual intervention, Mitch strives to achieve the best individualized program possible for optimal patient recovery and/or injury prevention. Mitch has more than 7 years of experience in the assessment and treatment of human movement and dysfunction.  His motivation to achieve optimal pain free movement with carryover to day to day activity outside of the physical therapy clinic is what drives him to treat in such an enthusiastic manner.  Mitch holds certifications in Functional Movement Screening, Select Functional Movement Assessment, and is a Titlelist Performance Institute Medical Professional.  He is a Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist utilizing the practice of Dry Needling to address patient soft tissue and joint extensibility dysfunctions.

Mitch helps his patients to assess and implement appropriate movement interventions in order to achieve each individual`s goals.   Mitch, and his Pivot Physical Therapy team in Arnold, offer a wide range of programs and services, from general orthopedic assessments and care, to pre and post injury movement screening, to balance and concussion rehab.  Specialized programs such as Injury Prevention Screening, Dance Movement Therapy, Rotational Athlete Assessment and Rehab, Kettlebells for Rehab, and Fitness Consultations are program highlights that are offered.

Mitch has extensive work in the local community and schools not only as a physical therapist providing movement screens and injury care, but has also served as a volunteer assistant coach for a local basketball team for nearly 5 years.  Mitch has presented various seminars at local events and groups including Anne Arundel Medical Center Youth Injury Prevention Symposium, numerous local gyms, local Senior Centers, and Fleet Feet locations.  He is currently heading up the Movement Health Screening initiative for Pivot Physical Therapy in an effort to increase awareness of possible injury before they happen.

Mitch is a qualified orthopedic Physical Therapist since 2009 and holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Old Dominion University.  Since graduating, Mitch has worked for Pivot Physical Therapy to not only treat individuals, but work collaboratively as a team with fellow Pivot Physical Therapists to serve community groups, teams, and organizations.

He has written multiple articles over the years for local publications and sets out to continue this trend in an effort to further reach out to the community and increase awareness of movement health. 

Mitch is truly passionate about the idea of human movement and making life fun.  This mindset drives his day to day treatment approach in an effort to spill over into each and every individual that he works with.