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Melinda Marchlewski, PTA 

Physical Therapist Assistant

Melinda has always had an interest in the study of the human body and how each distinct part works with others. Her interest in physical therapy began while playing field hockey in high school and working with the athletic trainer to recover from an injury. “I was fascinated by how exercise affected and benefitted the human body. My determination to better understand this led me to pursue a career in physical therapy,” says Melinda.

Melinda is originally from Tabb, VA and played field hockey and cheered in high school. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education with a concentration in Exercise Science from The College of Charleston, Melinda attended Riverside College of Health Careers and received her Associates of Applied Science Degree.

Melinda says she enjoys treating patients with orthopedic injuries. She says treating your patients individually and truly listening to them is the best treatment philosophy. Outside of the clinic, Melinda enjoys working out, running, hiking, being at the beach and spending time with her family.