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Kristina Carter, PT, DPT, CMTPT 

Physical Therapist

What attracted Kristina Carter to physical therapy? At an early age, as a young athlete, Kristina learned how the body moves, how getting hurt stops you in your tracks and what can get you going again.

“I was a gymnast from age 6 through college,” Kristina said. “I saw many, many, many of my teammates and friends become injured. Some were seriously injured and unable to do gymnastics ever again. Some seemed serious, however, through physical therapy, they were able to successfully return to the sport.”

A couple of anatomy and physiology classes in college was all it took to seal the deal.  “I was hooked.”

Kristina, who is originally from a suburb outside of Chicago, finished her undergraduate studies at Illinois State University and went on to earn her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Old Dominion University and then joined Tidewater Physical Therapy, Inc. in 2006.

Kristina practices at Pivot’s Williamsburg, VA clinic on Ironbound Road.

Personally, she loves “the small community atmosphere – when you see former patients playing sports or just around the community and knowing that you are responsible for their happiness and improved function.”

Kristina likes to get to know her patients, and uses humor in the clinic, because “sometimes they come in and they appear so nervous and intense. If I can make the situation feel lighter, then they often relax a bit as well.”

When she’s not in the clinic, you might find Kristina pounding the pavement with several running groups she’s involved with in town.

Kristina has a passion for working with patients suffering from balance and fall issues and in need of Vestibular Rehabilitation.  She is also certified in Dry Needling and Direct Access.