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Jessica Morris, PT, DPT, CMTPT 

Physical Therapist

He was a “very young 70-year-old” who suffered from a stroke and, for Jessica, will be a man she’ll never forget.  He never treated her as such, but Jessica was still a physical therapy student when he became her patient.  “He was so inspiring because of all the accomplishments he had made in his life and how positive he was during therapy. I could see the hope in his eyes during our treatment sessions.”  Those sessions eventually led him to walking again and “I will never forget the tears he has when he left the hospital. Its patients like that that makes our jobs all worth it. I love seeing the results and knowing that I can help someone improve their lifestyle.”

Originally from Ligonier, a small town about an hour east of Pittsburgh, Jessica graduated from the University of Colorado in 2009 as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. She worked to relocate to Virginia to be closer to her brother and warmer weather.

It’s all about the patients. “I use a hands-on approach with each patient and believe that one-on-one treatment is very important.”

Jessica learned that early on as a senior in high school while a physical therapy patient herself.  “It was the hardest, yet most rewarding, experience I have ever had,” she said of the physical therapy.

Remembering that, Jessica approaches each patient with a positive attitude, but also a “realistic outlook. I like to have fun at work, and I think humor goes a long way, especially when treating people who are in pain.”

Jessica’s goal is to facilitate independence for each patient “so that they can… improve their lifestyle.”

Since 2007, Jessica has enjoyed membership with the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).

Jessica holds Direct Access Certification and is available to evaluate and treat patients without a prescription from a physician.