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Erin Beane

Erin Beane, ATC 

Certified Athletic Trainer

Erin is the athletic trainer at Liberty High School in Carroll County, MD, and works in the Eldersburg Pivot physical therapy clinic. She is a member of the Mid-Atlantic Athletic Trainer’s Association, as well as the National Athletic Trainer’s Association, and is interested in furthering her education by becoming certified in Functional Movement Screenings and earning a personal trainer license.

Erin graduated from King’s College in 2014 and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training. There she worked with D3 wrestling, tennis, and women’s lacrosse teams. She also completed rotations with D3 football at Misericordia University and with various sports at Wyoming Seminary Preparatory School. She also completed one year of graduate school at Adelphi University (NY) while studying for a Master’s Degree in Nutrition. There, Erin had a graduate assistantship in the athletic training department, working specifically with D2 women’s basketball, while also taking online classes.

In her free time, Erin enjoys working out, going to Orioles games and reading Harry Potter books. She also loves the outdoors and spending time with her family and friends.